About Jacqui Gee

I have been using homeopathy for myself and my family since 1991. My introduction to homeopathy started using first aid remedies for my family, notably Arnica for the bumps and bruises that my active children managed to produce regularly. I then used remedies for childhood illnesses such as fevers, coughs and even chicken pox.

I was impressed at the speed at which my (then) 6 year old son’s glue ear cleared up after a visit to a local homeopath; we had been told that surgery was the only answer – this was never needed. My recurrent sore throats and PMT became a distant memory with professional homeopathic treatment. My three children are now healthy adults telling their friends about homeopathy.

My fascination with and enthusiasm for homeopathy began with the first Arnica I gave my young son and has continued to develop through my training and into my current homeopathic practice. I have seen many wonderful results following a remedy and know that this safe and sustainable form of medicine has an important place in today’s world.

I have successfully completed a four-year training course at the British School of Homeopathy which is accredited by the Society of Homeopaths. The course included instruction in anatomy and physiology, disease pathology, homeopathic medicine, philosophy, ethics, patient care and practice management. The practical training part of the course involved practising under the supervision of qualified and experienced homeopaths.

I am a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths whose code of ethics I adhere to and with whom I am fully insured to practice homeopathy.