Mother & Baby

I am a mother of three, although two of my children are now adults. I remember how homeopathic remedies helped me during pregnancy, childbirth and through the early days of motherhood

Homeopathy is ideal for women and babies at this stage of life; it is a gentle highly effective system of medicine without side effects. During pregnancy homeopathy benefits baby as well as mother at a time when many drugs are contraindicated.

There are many remedies that can help with possible problems during childbirth and
that promote healing afterwards, whether the birth is natural or whether intervention, including caesarean section, has been necessary.

I provide a range of remedies in a birth kit that cover some of the possible situations
that may arise during childbirth.

I offer a mineral support programme for the unborn baby; carefully timed so that baby gets each mineral at the right stage for growth and development during pregnancy.

‘Jacqui has seen my 14 year old son for his seasonal symptoms. The remedy she prescribed was really effective in lessening his symptoms. He is now keen to see her before the next season to be treated for alleviating his condition altogether. Jacqui was friendly and professional. She was instantly on his wavelength and gained his trust’. Jo, Poole